[%] Dr. Al Mohler: not intimidated

The shape of the evangelical challenge in postmodern America comes down to this--we must be continually on the alert to defend the faith, for the Christian faith now faces unprecedented attacks. The rise of a postmodern culture has produced an intellectual context in which the very concept of truth is held under suspicion, and claims to revealed truth are simply ruled out of order.
Dr. James Dobson was asked to repudiate Dr. Mohler's position on the papacy as "anti-Catholic" -- and he declined (though just barely). This week, Dr. Mohler reissues an old post from his blog to make it clear that there is no compromise if one loves the Gospel, and stands unintimidated by the voices that would demand him to renounce the Gospel for the sake of ... well, whatever it is they are peddling this week.

Nice job, Dr. Mohler. For those of you who missed it, it can be found here.