[?] I'm Hit! I'm Hit!

What I'm hit by is the number of hits the blog is getting. I'm pleased some people find it useful, or entertaining, or whatever.

I am also upgrading the look of the blog with some minor tweaks -- like the "blockquote" design for the sake of people who have not updated their glasses' 'scrip'.

I am refreshing my reading of Locke for the sake of answering the question, "Did Locke maintain christian presuppositions", and I am also reading a book about the critical practice of Jesus to the OT Scriptures from an orthodox Jew. So lots of love coming in the near future.

If I don't post anything in the next few days, it is because I have a Homeschool curriculum sale I have to man for the bookstore. I haven't forgotten about you -- I just have to feed my kids.