[$] Substanceless Monday Post

There is nothing worse than 5 days off from blogging and not having a thing to say except, "MY BACK IS KILLING ME!"

I actually have a series of posts which are non-theological in nature about this weekend, but I can't get my laptop to dock at work. That, and the fact that Blogger is now on my list of things to revile, is leaving me without a decent Monday Blog.

So how about this: I am off to the Chiro-practicioner this afternoon to hear him spout more info-mercial pseudo-science about my high cholesterol and my aching spine. If he didn't have that little machine which feels like fingers of iron in a velvet glove that works the tension out of the L5 region of my lower back, I'd never go back there.

I don't really mind dropping $50 for a great lower-back massage: I just hate listening to him blather on. Hey "Doc": you really think that I should stop taking the Lipitor in favor of megadoses of B-complex? Can I get that in writing so when I drop dead at 50 from clogged arteries my wife get all the money I have given you back?

No? OK: then just plug in the electro-back-fixer-upper and let me get back to work safely and in less pain.

UPDATED: It is definitely worth the $50 when he doesn't assail me with alternative medicine. Today he just plugged me in and went out until the timer "ding'd". Maybe he's reading my blog and got the message -- so Blogger actually wins points today. Thanks Blogger!