[?] Worthless Entry from the weekend (1)

I think I have a problem …

See: I’m at a homeschool curriculum sale right now, and I’m selling a LOT of stuff – so far, I have WAY more transactions than last year – like 10 times more. I attribute it to marketing genius, but the reality is that I pwn’d the other store that carries our homeschool catalog by getting one of three booths immediately behind the registration desk. For them that’s a really bad thing because the other real coup this year was that the curriculum fair is taking place at a church 2500 feet from my store, and everyone who comes to the fair had to drive past my billboard-like store front on their way in, realizing that they can get the stuff they’ve been mail-ordering from him right here from me. Christian love and all that, but trinkets is trinkets.

So we’re killing here, and I am inhumanely busy – in part because of all the people, in part because I’m using a home-made cash register (read: EXCEL spreadsheet and inkjet printer) that is slowing down the cashout (still have to record everything we sell, but there’s no scan gun), in part because I’m having to phone in all my CC transactions, but in part because …

… I can’t help myself. I have to blog. I think about my blog all the time. I think about the things I can say about Locke’s failure to stay inside Christian metaphysical premises that bankrupt his epistemological conclusions; I think about cryptic things I can say so the readers from #prosapologian will get a laugh (like this: the guy in the booth next to me is like the evil eugenics experimental cross between ENielsen and unicalman: 50 kids, a complete tech geek, looks like a bodyguard in a suit, and has a beautiful singing voice); I think about what I am missing in the blogosphere – what controversies, what silly things … I think about what Art Sippo is not going to say in response to my posts at Envoy’s forums. I think about how a church the size of the one we’re having this little educational opportunity at that is attempting to appeal to the “emergent” thing does not have wireless service – I mean, how relevant is that?

But here’s the really sick thing: I’m ignoring customers to blog today (Friday), even though I can’t post this until Sunday or Monday. Is that really a good idea? I mean, on the one hand, you all know how important you are to me. If I stop posting, won’t the hits to the site go down? Stats anyone?

On the other hand, feed the kids much, Dad? Responsible adult? I’m sick! I’d rather blog than sell books? When did that happen?

Is there a 12-step program? How often does it update? Is it hosted by blogger.com (read: I am SO SICK of the bottle neck at blogger between 2 PM and 6 PM CT, without any regard for the kind of obviously-cheap jerk it makes me to be mad at them for not giving a hoot about the bandwidth problems of the unpaid plebians), or is it hosted by a paid service? Do I have to pay for the treatment – because you know exactly how much I’m willing to pay for that kind of thing – or is it sponsored by a church so I can do 40 days of recovery?

Man. I didn’t realize I was such an addictive personality. That’s wrong.