[%] Dr. Svendsen: More on the Gospel

If the pope, the head of the Roman Catholic church, can stand by his statements against Protestantism in Dominus Iesus—in which he states that Protestant denominations are "defective," and that they are not "proper churches"—then why can’t Dobson reciprocate? In his statements defending Mohler during his appearance on Hannity and Colmes, why did he dismiss Mohler’s statement by saying, “He's a Southern Baptist, for Pete's sake. You expect a Southern Baptist to say that he does not honor the pope in the same way the Catholics do. It's a different theology.” Why did he not say instead, “I agree with Mohler’s assessment of Roman Catholic theology. We are evangelicals, for Pete's sake, and evangelicals do not honor the pope, period”?

This is way worth reading.


Deleted said...

I'm a protestant evangelical, and I honor the pope.

Many protestant's have perverted the message of justification through faith to mean that they can live as they chose, without the cost of discipleship.

This is not true faith, and will be the downfall of the protestant church.