Al Mohler said this

I mean, folks: we are living in Canaan -- and the Canaanite bookstores are all over the place. And the Canaanite literature is coming into ours. I mean, you have this world of ... of inherent polytheism, except it's now so made into a consumer reality that you can just kinda buy this and buy that ... I mean, we have stores that sell "angel" products. And by the way, these are not the angels in the Bible. In the Bible, when an angel shows up, you wet your pants. You don't put a little cherub up on your bathroom wall. It's a completely different thing. The angel has to say, in the Gospel of Luke, "look: don't die. We bring you good tidings of great joy."
-- T4G MP3, ~1:03
I'm sure Dr. Mohler will be getting the requisite fan mail concerning propriety of language.