Read this today

And I quote:
As most would know, I had been asked to have my name placed for nomination as President. In fact, at the Jacksonville Pastors’ Conference the announcement was made. However, due to not getting the real peace I needed in my heart to do this, I called Ronnie one month ago and shared this with him. When I called him to share this conviction about myself, I shared with an equal conviction that I believed he was the man God had raised up for such a time as this to lead Southern Baptists. After prayer over these days, counsel from some of his staff and church leaders as well as others in Southern Baptist life, Dr. Floyd called me last Wednesday and informed me that he will humbly accept this nomination due to God speaking to him dramatically through Acts 16:6-10. He never sought it one moment, but was drafted supernaturally to let me nominate him to be our next President.
It's a good thing he's not being nomintaed for the president of IMB -- he seems a little Charismatic for that.