All things to some people

hat's the difference
between a fellow who is currently enjoying the entertainment at strip clubs and a fellow who has given up being entertained at strip clubs? I mean, besides all the money the second guy is saving in tips and watered-down drinks?

OK: now what's the difference between the guy who doesn't care if he ever stops using the 8-letter word of blog ill-repute and the guy who learned that word when he was 8 and, after another 32 years, has gotten himself to the place where he can keep it from slipping out about 98% of the time?

Now, what if guy #3 uses the 8-letter word of calumny against guy #1 to descibe his lifestyle? Did guy #3 do a good thing or a bad thing?

Last question: what if guy #3 is a pastor?

Word to the wise: this post is not intended to disagree with Phil's post on vulgarity. It is actually about a book I'm going to review in the next 3 weeks. After a coupla more posts about ECFs and baptism.