another log on the fire

I was doing some reading after listening to some Piper this weekend, and in re-surveying the literature I was about to crack open, I found a very interesting bit from someone who will remain nameless at this time. I also admit that I have put his words in 21st century English, (and have inserted one editorial comment) so shame on me for bringing it up:
They divide the Scripture into four senses: the literal, the moral metaphor, allegorical and mystical or supernatural (which some also call the “liturgical”). The literal sense has become nothing at all, for these fellows have taken it clean away and have made it their own secret possession. They have partly locked it up with the false and counterfeited keys of traditions, ceremonies and feigned lies. You should understand that the Scripture has but one sense, which is the literal sense, and this literal sense is the root and ground of all and the anchor that never fails. If you hold fast to it, you can never make a mistake or wander off the path.
I don’t have much, really, to offer after this. It’s one of those striking citations from past troublemakers that makes you wonder if and when trouble will ever cease.

What do you think: is Scripture that clear?