An interesting blog post

I was following the links from my site meter log this afternoon, and I found this post on Mark Driscoll. In reply to it, I said this:

here is a vast difference
between "There are flaws in some of the finest diamonds in the world, and yet they do not prevent their being rated at a priceless value" and refusing to reform one's tongue.

Listen: I have the same problem Pastor Driscoll has -- I feel better after I swear. I do -- I admit it. I feel like I said what I meant.

Here's the real question: should I feel that way in the first place? Should I feel the way you have to feel to drop an F-bomb? How about the way you have to feel to call something "BILL TUSH" (it's an anagram -- you do the cryptology)?

Out of the mouth comes the overflow of the heart -- that's rudimentary Christian, NT reasoning. Hiding behind the "I'm a diamond in the rough in Jesus' eyes" riff is ethical quackery.

But, I think Pastor Driscoll has a problem he cannot admit: if he stops swearing in public, he'll lose cred with the Seattle crowd, which is his local church. That's no better or worse than an SBC pastor who has to wear an Armani every week in order to present himself approved to his congregation, I suppose -- if the point is that the pastor should seek the approval of his church.