New Years Resolution

My NYR is going to be 1026x768, and to accommodate that I am seeking to force Blogger to upgrade me to Blogger 2.0.

In that effort, you are going to see some bizzare things in terms of the template for this blog over the next week or so. The content will remain in tact, which I am sure will upset many people.

Forgive the multiple republishes that are about to happen. And welcome to 2007 -- my son made the insightful remark while we were driving this weekend that time only goes in one direction; it's like pouring your milk down the sink. I made sure he understood that it is also like drinking your milk -- that your time doesn't have to be wasted.

There's no prooftext for that, but there you go.

UPDATED: Oh snap -- during this lame period of formatlessness, you won't have access to the comments, there will be no access from here to the Pawn Shop (except for that link), my sidebars will be down, and for those who are completely insane, we will also not be tracking stats. I know it sounds like I have become a Mennonite or something, but all I want is the ability to use Blogger 2.0. If I can't make that happen this week with these drastic measures, the old template will go back up and I'll figure something else out.

If you have something you simply must say, e-mail carm dot centuri0n @ yahoo dot com.