Not not about Love

At the risk of becoming a Piper mirror site, I give you this:
Christ Will Never Leave His Wife

Staying married, therefore, is not about staying in love. It is about keeping covenant. “Till death do us part,” or, “As long as we both shall live” is sacred covenant promise—the same kind Jesus made with his bride when he died for her. Therefore, what makes divorce and remarriage so horrific in God’s eyes is not merely that it involves covenant breaking to the spouse, but that it involves misrepresenting Christ and his covenant. Christ will never leave his wife. Ever. There may be times of painful distance and tragic backsliding on our part. But Christ keeps his covenant forever. Marriage is a display of that! That is the most ultimate thing we can say about it.
You should read the whole thing. The link to hear the audio of this sermon is there also.

My feeble commentary on that is this: we overlook the ways in which we can demonstrate our discipleship to Christ all the time. We want to build wells for Africans, and bring Bibles to Muslims in the 10/40 corridor, and we want to do all kinds of global acts of Holy Spirit proliferation -- and these are all good things -- but we are stumbling over the obvious and the immediate ways in which we are disciples.

Your husband is your outworking of Christ's New Covenant; you wife is your outworking of Christ's New Covenant. Go do that. Go stick to that. Go prove your faith with that by glorifying God in sacrificing your life for that person.

That's not about Valentine's Day love: that's about deep, abiding, eternal, incorruptible Love. It's about God's love. Try that out and see if your life doesn't change in some way.