words like "annihiliate"

I wrote this back in August 2006, and now we get this, which makes perfect sense. See: the first one demonstrates that was stalling to get his stuff in a box that will blow up. The second one demonstrates that he thinks he has a box which will blow up like Rosie on Trump.

The only real hope we have, you see, is that Ahmadinejad got all his tech help from the reputable nuclear team of Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine and Dr. Howard who produced the nuclear dud for North Korea. There's no chance in this world or the next that the U.S. now has the political will to destroy his science project -- and that means the U.N. will sleep through whatever this loon does with his enriched uranium. Including the nuclear bombing of London, Jerusalem and any major US City (my guess is that A-jad will pick NY or DC because he thinks that if he blows up either MTV or the US Congress and Senate, we'd be mad at him. Heh).

And it comes down to this: he doesn't think either Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi are half the man Margaret Thatcher was. He thinks -- and he's right -- that if the decision to fight him or die is left to the American Left, we'd rather die.

Think about this: nobody uses a word like "annihiliate" in a normal conversation. It's a guild word. The problem is that 90% of the people in this world think that guild is never serious, and the other 10% are left holding the bag.