The other thing

Some people have said that the controversy between Steve Camp and I is a watershed moment for those who consider themselves Calvinists. Apparently, the reasoning goes, the ones who have (for example) outed me as not truly reformed are the ones who are "right" in argument, and grounded historically, and really represent "Calvinism", and anyone who wants to be a Calvinist should think hard on that.

Listen: that's bosh. The real irony is that many of the highest profile members of "the other side" are themselves well known for evangelism and make the free offer of the Gospel as often as they can. They are not advocating an abandonment of missions or evangelism: they are advocating a sort of evangelism, a method of delivering and declaring the Gospel.

The question is not whether or not we should do: it is how we should do. Anyone saying something different is trying to instigate a non-existent fight.