Return to Sender

So my wife was reading the blog and she was catching up on the petition. Now, mind you, she agrees with me that someone who says, "God told me" and then it turns out that God didn't tell him, in her words, "disgraces Jesus Christ", OK?

But she read the reasons why post, and then the petition, and she turned to me and said, "So are we going to move? Do I have to get an unlisted number? Is it slander to call him a 'fraud'? Can he sue us?"

However, she did enjoy John's comments, and she made a prediction that he'll be blogging inside 6 months -- but God didn't tell her that. She knows our mother.

The other thing tonight is that I really appreciate William Chad Newsom's signature on our petition, which was made with this comment:
As an elder at Ebenezer Lutheran Church (LCMS), in Greensboro, NC, I support the intent and content of this petition, and would urge all Christians to read and sign it, for the sake of the Gospel, the glory of God, and the purity of His Church.
That's practically a ringing endorsement. Who knew Lutherans and Baptists could agree on anything.

Tell your friends, Mr. Newsom. If we get 1000 signers, I'm sending it to CBN. And maybe FOX news.