franchise player [winner]

Well, two days ago we had a little contest here to see who could give the best chastisement to our, um, friend JohnB5200 who left comments at the iMonk blog. Unlike previous giveaways at TeamPyro, not many people chose to play, which makes me a little sad. Apparently my junk merchandise is not as attractive as the junk merch I designed for teamPyro.

Lesson learned -- I'll have to update the shop if I get a minute this weekend.

Anyway, I have to announce a winner because I promised there would be one. The real competitors for the shirt, I think, are Libbie, EvenSo, Charlie and ... huh! iMonk. Charlie's comment was a little long, EvenSo got a little MBA (if you know what I'm sayin'), and there is a certain perverse pleasure which I would take in having iMonk wear the blog t-shirt so I have to rule that out as sin.

So the winner -- in spite of shipping costs -- is Libbie! Jolly Good Show!

Libbie -- I think I have your addr someplace, but I need your shirt size. And while I have here pictured the black stoner T, I'd be willing to get you one of the girl-cut T's if you'd rather wear something more feminine.

Nice job everyone.