You can't eat just one

Yes, I know: the ECF baptism thing. You came here when Doug Wilson said I was doing the survey, and I did 3 of them, and since then I have been a bit of a slacker in delivering a 4th installment, etc.

My wife says I'm A-D-D and that explains a lot of things, but the truth is I'm busy at work and projects (like the ECF baptism project) require more than the average 15 minutes a day I have this week to put up a post. Tomorrow looks light, so if I can get some legs under it early in the morning, I can have part 4 up tomorrow. For the record, if you think it's easy to sift through Schaff and find revelant references to baptism, and then to say something useful about said passage(s), go ahead and read this:
Baptism In The Early Church
By Hendrick F. Stander & Johannes P. Louw

After that, you'll be grateful that I'm being a little more careful about what I'm willing to say about this subject. And btw, what's stopping from you from being a wiki-contributor to this project? You think this is such a great idea, you go to, find Schaff's ANF for ante-Nicene fathers, and you pick a reference and say something useful about it. It's not like you paid tuition to hear my lectures of ante-nicene sacramentology. Get viral, people. I'll link to you if you do it.

That said, those of you who are in awe of the fact that I can type Mat 7:11 and it magically becomes a link to the NT realize that I am actually wasting a lot of time this week hacking my Blogger template, and one of the interesting things I have done is installed Google Analytics -- because you can never get enough stats. Stats are like potato chips: you can't stop at one. Hence the reason for this post today.

In the last week, I linked to Adrain Warnock, and suddenly I'm getting hits from Adrian's readers. Booyah. Let's see who else we can troll some traffic from:

La Shawn Barber
Mark Reynolds
ooh, here's one: Jimmy Akin. Oh wait -- that's a bad idea.

And what's up with Le Sabot Postmoderne? How does this guy have a blog in the top 100 in the BoG and he never posts anything? It's as frustrating as dieting: my wife can eat a pan of brownies and stay thin as a rail, but I eat one french fry or drink 3 oz of non diet beverage, and I have to buy new pants.