Pop Tarts, Coke and Piper

One of the things you-all should read as a matter of your duty to truth and the blogosphere is this essay on the definition of "hyper calvinism".

Those of you who have not yet understood the joke in the subject line are informally chastized for being a little thick.

Anyway, after reading around today I figured that it would be good to toss some water on the fires some people are trying to stoke by calling good and Godly men "hyper calvinists", and I was afraid I was going to have to write such a thing, but thank my lucky stars for friends like Phil Johnson who have been fighting this fight for longer than I have.

After you read that, send a link to Ergun Caner at Liberty University. No vulgarities or triumphalism, please -- just send him a polite note indicating that since he has written what he wrote at falwell.com, he might enjoy a different perspective on the matter. He might enjoy it -- I am sure he'll enjoy hearing from you.