franchise player

Over at iMonk's blog, the following gem was posted as a response to my answer to iMonk's question over there:

JohnB5200 on June 6th, 2006 3:27 pm

Come on, greeting cards and calendars do not define franchise. Do MacArthur, Sproul, Piper have franchises? Yes they do. So they don’t have cards, so what.

MacArthur has his own seminary for crying out loud. His own commentaries, study Bible, verse memorization system, radio program, seminars, etc.

Sproul’s RYM ministry is a money making franchise also. Study Bible, radio, tapes, cds, conferences, devotional mag.

Piper is probably the “leastest.” Probably because he’s more of a braniac whose stuff is over the head of 98% of church goers. But his DGM is catching up.

If you want to point a finger at Lucado et al., don’t be hypocritical by leaving out your faves just because they are your faves.

BTW, can you name a guy about 100 years ago who is probably responsible for starting the whole spiritual franchise business? How about CH Spurgeon!?

Now Tozer, there’s a guy with no franchise (while he was alive!)

Apparently, being prolific is now "franchising". Who knew opening a seminary could be called "franchising"?

You know what: I'm not going to offer this guy any correction. I'm going to ask the readers of this blog to offer the correction just to see you do it.

And here's the bait: best rebuff without being abusive gets a free T from the pawn shop. Talk about "franchise" ...