As if ...

I was policing the blogosphere's baptisms and confessions of faith when I ran into this post and read it with fear and trembling.

A few comments, in no particular order:

Yeah, Andrew Peterson can't sing a lick, but somehow all his CDs break my heart. I'd call him the CCM Bob Dylan if I didn't think that was an insult. He's not even 1% the phony Bob Dylan is.

Todd Agnew? pheh.

He listed Sara Groves and not Ginny Owens. What the ... ? Dude: I think that's some kind of blind-ism -- how do you say "is biased against jazzy blind white girls" in Greek?

GLAD dates you, iMonk.

the Watermark thing is killing me, even if they are nutty charismatics.

Caedmon's Call has gone soft, and Derek Webb somehow goes too far and not far enough, as if he's become the personification of CCM/CBA/ECPA; his problem is that he WANTS TO be the CCM Bob Dylan. Pheh.

Shane and Shane are playing at our church's summer picnic this year, and I'm completely Marcia Brady over it. Anyone who gets that joke is older than iMonk.