So you say

On Friday, I wrote about some trouble I’m having personally with understanding this fellow who is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Mark Driscoll. As I wrote it, I knew two things were going to happen:

[1] Some people were going to be mad at me for bringing it up because Mark Driscoll is not that bad.

[2] Some people were going to be mad because Mark Driscoll is not really that good.

Seems to me this is what happened, but it turns out I am a lot more unhappy about it than I started out to be. I also caught a big dose of conviction on Sunday while I was in Sunday school and then again in church listening to my pastor preach (which I may yet blog about – we’ll see), so I’m going to do this.

Here is the link to podcast Mars Hill. You listen. My personal feeling is that you are going to hear something you don’t hear every day, one way or the other.

And you can put your thoughts in the meta of this post to see what people think.