Endorsed by my pastor

I gave a 4-week series on how to approach the DaVinci Code for the purpose of delivering the Gospel, and it's available as audio files from my church.

There are a couple of minor gaffes, if I can admit to that before you listen -- for example, someplace in there I said that the numbered verses came into the text of the Bible in the 4th century when it's more like the 14th century (which is what I get when you step off of my notes), and I also said someplace that there was "never any controversy" about which books comprised the NT, when in fact there were some controversies,and I mix up the words "Scripture" and "literature" a coupla times in the course of the total 3-ish hours -- and I'm open to criticism on these 4 presentations. However, they were well-received at church and they are available to slake your curiosity.