Christmas Leftovers

David at Thirsty Theologian has said this about the "debate" with the BugBlaster over alcohol at D-Blog:
Mr. Turk mopped up the floor with Mr. BugBlaster, but he really was offered no real resistance. Not that BugBlaster didn't try—his proposition simply had no legs, and those he tried to give it had bad knees. It's always a tough go when you have to say, "Yes, the Bible says ___, but..." I have to give Frank credit for being incredibly gentle. I probably would not have been.
And David has prodded me to say this here where (A-hem, sorry David) somebody might read it: I'd be willing to do that debate for real against someone who thinks Resolution #5 from the SBC was a good idea.

I'd do it in writing, and I'd be willing to do it live. But the next person who wants to debate this topic needs to have more than a passing interest in reducing drunk driving. I'd even take modified rules with extended opening statements and a set of rebuttals on a blog moderated by a third party.

Seriously: this topic is more important than that exchange with Buggy reveals, and I'm in.

How was your holiday, btw? Ours was fabulous, but you should all know I am a total fraud. I gave my kids everything they wanted for Christmas, and I got the Belkin TuneBase from my in-laws, so we were celebrating with stuff.

A lesser man would try to play that off as being "incarnational", but I can't force myself to go that low, and I'm calling it sanctification.