HeavyDluxe almost had a great idea for a t-shirt contest, but I put all the pieces together and here we are on a Thursday with 10 shopping days until Christmas unveiling a great end-of-year idea.

Who can tell me how fierce my wife is? Just how stunning and amazing is she? I was the one who said, "Don't mess with her or she'll take you out like cheap chinese," but who can top that?

Note: this is not an "insult" contest, but an "exalt" contest. Who can come up with the most stunning compliment for my wife as a one liner?

Contest begins now, and runs through the Friday before Christmas. We will read them all at my house on 12/24 and post a winner on Christmas day -- maybe the day after. Duplicate entries will be ignored; first one with a one-liner is the owner. Insults will be deleted; multiple insults will get banned. And no sexual inuendos -- keep it clean.

My wife is so hot, she's a cause of global warming. Let's see if you can do better.