Friday Night Fights

Some people go home on Friday, and they have time with their families, or maybe they go out with friends.

So people e-mail threats, like so:

From:"Antonio da Rosa"
To:"Frank Turk"
Subject: Head's Up
Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 15:59:00 -0800

We wonder what you would do with such evidence against your
Traditionalistic interpretation of James. The article refers to you
by name:

this one

I am sure that my post will not be thoroughly responded to,
and that the wish of the LS will be that it fades away into obscurity.

It is my desire that you come engage it. If not I will post the URL
all over blogdom to see if someone else will.


Just in case someone thinks I'm hiding something, my exact response to Antonio's e-mail was, "I'm skeert, buckwheat".

Go read Antonio's post, and then pack a lunch. I have one more question for Jodie, and then I can deal with this full-time -- well, as full-time as blogging gets, anyway.