Let's be honest

You readers think that what I did all weekend was boggle over Antonio's post trying to find the best way possible to tell him, "um, did you read BDAG or are you only sleeping with it under your pillow?", and then of course polishing up the last installment of the Christmas series so that you may be properly edified.

Well, no. That's not what I was doing. What I was doing was trying to find a way to assuage the morality police over the surrogate picture of my wife which we will be seeing on the blog more often. It has actually kept me from doing other things because you know what? I'd rather talk about faulty exegesis and the real joy in the celebration of Christmas than whether or not an image from a comic book which passed the Comics Code is "porn" or not.

And what I intended to do was to post some alternatives today and let you readers vote, give my wife veto power, and be done with it. But those good intentions are completely out the door. There are no other pictures in all the world which better capture the real savage glory of my wife, who is actually this fierce and this awe-inspiring in real life. If you're jealous, that's your problem. It's a sin to be jealous. You deal with your sin, or my wife will come to your house and take you out like cheap chinese.