The Premium of the Gospel

That’s a good question especially in America today where there is a desire to see our culture cleaned up at the moral/ethical level. I think Christians should put the premium on sharing the Gospel, knowing that without the Gospel, number 1, fruit isn’t likely to come, and number 2, if it comes, it isn’t Godly.

I mean, not to show a pornographic film in a High School English class is a good thing. That’s a good thing. But wouldn’t it be better if it was also a Godly thing.

I’ll give you a concrete example. When I think about pro-life strategies, I would rather see abortion minimized – become unthinkable – in the Twin Cities because five abortion clinic owners and administrators were saved and were going to Heaven because they believed the Gospel than to provide political constraints by victory in the Senate that shut their clinics down.

Now, I think both would be good. But the former would be so much better. So much better! Now Christians should be good at the first ‘cause nobody else can do it. Nobody else can save them. Anybody can be perhaps smart enough to manipulate the laws to get things constrained. But only Christians can save souls. Only Christians can produce the kind of non-abortion pro-life mindset that honors God, glorifies God. And that’s what we’re mainly about, so I would encourage Christians not to be delinquent about their engagement in cultural righteousness, but to put a premium on going about it through the Gospel.

John Piper, Desiring God Radio Podcast, 12/10/2006

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