[$] At right angles with experience

I was cracking on my favorite internet whipping boy (C-Train Jack Russell), when I came across a link at Wikipedia for Art Bell. If you don't know who Art Bell is, you sould read up on him as he may have been the second-most popular radio host of the 1990's.

Be that as it may, you should read the Wikipedia article on Art Bell for the links alone. Very often I find Wikipedia helpful in providing a digest-version of complicated issues, but this particular article demonstrates what's just under the floorboards of the Wikipedia living room. It's a good gut-check for those who think that the free flow of information always provides access to Truth. Just to be clear, I think that free speech does always lead us back to the truth even when someone uses that freedom to spread lies -- you just have to be able to see the relationship of truth to the falsehoods to get from here to there.