[*] Media Verbal Flatulence

For those that haven't noticed, this blog isn't very genteel. We calls 'em as we sees 'em, and sometimes there's not a lot of editorial process involved in keeping colorful language out of the bandwidth. So when I post this note, let's not think I have somehow become overly-sensitive to the rhetoric and the colloquialisms of others, or that I somehow have lost a sense of self-awareness.

First, read this link at Drudge, and give it sec because it's getting a lot of traffic and is a bit boggy. Then I want you to consider something: this is a person who is allegely at the top of his game in the new media and works for a regular news network -- not even a cable network. His name, ironically, is John Roberts.

If this guy was a blogger in the basement of his parent's house trying hard to find the most offensive way to phrase this question, I am not sure he sould have done better. This kills me. He's talking to the POTUS Press secretary, and that's the best he could do? Why not just pound 2 beers and belch before asking a question like that?

The subject of the question is valid: the manner in which is was asked was patently irreverent and uncivil. That's my beef.

UPDATED: Oh wait -- Mr. Roberts apparently wants to apologize for being rude this morning (Drudge; no viable link). That makes it all better.