[?] Monday Public Service Announcement

[1] When you go to the junkyard to get used replacement rims for your car, consult the book on what size rim your car takes, and save yourself 2 hours of stripping tires off of cars with rusted-on wheels. At least. That center hole is a killer.

[2] The "small but interesting word" series will pick up later today or tomorrow. I have meetings all morning thru 2 PM CT, and it is unlikely I will have anything useful to say between now and then. Whether what I have to say after that is useful is entirely arbitrary.

[3] You'll notice the new "...and his SHOPPING CART a BASKET of GOODIES" to the left. After much wrestling with BLOGGER and the css styles that will actually work, I have discovered that it is possible to imbed a blog within a blog in such a way that the imbedding will work on any browser on any platform. That in itself deserves a "HOW TO" post, so those of you who are curious can look forward to that.

[4] The last week my parents have been up and I have completely ruined my diet. The upside is that I have slidden back only 2 lbs since my last offical weigh-in, so that's hardly a tragedy.

To keep yourself occupied, you should wander the blogroll until I get back. I didn't make it through the League of Reformed Bloggers, but all of my favorites (except Challies, of course) have posted something interesting and meaningful this weekend. Challies is off about some conference at some Baptist church that has a pastor who wriotes books about Desiring God. Fide-o has classified me as a "treat" and as "on my own planet". You decide if that's worth reading or not.