[*] Enough already! She quit!

I was reading a somewhat incongruous headline on my sidebar about President Bush and the failed Harriet Meirs nomination, and I decided that this was worth a few inches of blogspace to settle up on this matter.

ITEM: Thank God she stood down! Listen: she may be a very nice Christian woman with a lot of integrity who was also a very good pesonal counsel for the President even before he was the President, but there was no way to make her nomination look like cronyism. The complains from everywhere that there are literally hundreds of justices out there who are more qualified who would rule in a way a conservative president would appreciate were 100% valid. Meirs was totally loyal to Bush by ending this little sideshow.

ITEM: HOLY COW did Meirs' withdrawl make Ann Coulter look catty today.

ITEM: If there is a new nominee by next Friday, we have just witnessed one of the greatest feats of political sleight-of-hand in history. Mark my words: a quick new nominee was always in the wings if we see one in the next 8 days, and the reason for putting Meirs on the hot seat is not yet known.

ITEM: That AP story at my link is one of the worst-reported stories of the year. The only place President Bush is flagging is in the liberal press -- and if he divorced his wife, married a man, started driving a hybrid vehicle and made journalists tax exempt, they would still heckle him. He can't get good press. Period.

ITEM: I dunno who's hosting Alan K's blog, but I linked to it, and it crashed. You people are animals.

Oh wait. If you thought the AP story was lopsided, Try this one on for size.