[?] October 2, 2005 is the day

Sometime on 10/2/2005, the blog counter will cross over 20,000.

Nice. Here's a neat statistic for you: the average Christian e-tail site gets about 800 hits per quarter. You folks do that here in about 3 days.

It's like being the pastor of a Megachurch without any of the paychecks, nice cars, dozens of staff members, politics, appearances on Larry King, and apologetic apple-polishing from Richard Abanes.

OK: it's actually nothing like being the pastor of a Megachurch, but that you all come to visit is a lovely tribute to the power of ... unflagging self promotion. Who knew that by shaming Challies for taunting me I could get Adrian Warnock to link to my site? I have to figure out a way to get Hugh Hewitt or Michelle Malkin to drop a link. Eventually, I could be the William Hung of the apologetics blogosphere.

Whoever checks the blog and notices that the counter has rolled 20000, leave a note about what time you visited the blog. It's a moment in history.

Next milestone: 50,000.