[%] Superman's cape

beware !
do not mess with
steve hays !!!

Let me be clear with you: there are some things people with street-smarts don't do. For example, you're "street" if you have the sense not to stand between a crackhead and his pipe. You're "street" in internet apologetics, for example, if you have the good sense not to accept the challenge of James R. White to a public debate on any topic he has challenged you. You don't spit into the wind. You don't tug on Superman's cape.

The other thing you don't do is tussle Steve Hays' hair. He's like the "XXX" of blogogetics -- he lives for that stuff. Like calling John Frame a theological hick, or dismissing sola Scriptura as untenable.

However, if you want to take apart Steve's html skills, it's open season. Actually, I have had this graphic sitting on the server for a month now and haven't had another good reason to use it, so here we go. I can promote Steve and chide him at the same time.