[*] This just in:

If you spend a quarter-mil at Scores, they might add in the tip without asking you. Who knew that strippers think they deserve 10% of your tab? If you ask me, that's more reasonable than wait staff asking for 15%, but that's a common practice.

THIS ALSO IN: There's something wrong with this picture. For the record, I don't think it's the wildly-disparate age gap between Tom and Katie -- that's proof that Hollywood-types suffer from emotional atrophy at about age 19 or 21 and then they can all "connect" at the same level. What's wrong has something to do with the level of enthusiasm they are having for an illegitimate birth. If theye were Tom Podunk and Katie Bumpus who had an age gap of 20 years and met at the Kiwanis fundraiser, Tom had two previously-failed marriages, there were rumors he was gay, and now Katie was pregnant with Tom's child outside of marriage, this would be a different kind of news.

However, because these people are pretty, the concensus is that this is fine. I suggest that Katie have a phone conference with Char Jackson before she does anything else she will regret.