[*] More terms

Since we are defining terms today, a "levee" is "a continuous dike or ridge (as of earth) for confining the irrigation areas of land to be flooded" or "an embankment for preventing flooding unless it means killing a lot of black people", but a "dam" is "a barrier preventing the flow of water or of loose solid materials (as soil or snow); especially : a barrier built across a watercourse for impounding water which, if it fails and thereby threatens white people, is no cause for political hectoring."
"I've got my fingers crossed that this thing is able to hold," Gov. Mitt Romney said Tuesday morning. "Water's going under the dam. It's going through some areas that are weakened and there's every prospect that it will give way and we'll have a very significant water event.

"On the other hand, a few of us can hope that it hangs together and it ties together as long as possible and that the water is able to leak out in a relatively controlled manner," he said.

Apparently keeping up a hundred-year-old dam in historic Taunton, MA, was not on the radar for Mitt Romney and President George Bush, but neither do Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, nor Al Sharpton find the disposition of white people after a natural disaster especially disturbing.

Maybe they had it coming to them -- maybe God is trying to wipe them out for their sins, yes?