[#] Editorial policy

I just wanted to give a few hundred words to my editorial policy after the last post. Some people will be asking themselves, "cent, why link to stories about strippers and CEOs on your allegely-Christian blog?" It's a fair question, because I promise you that James White and Eric Svendsen are not linking to stories like that, and they are the heavy lifters of the theological blogosphere. Doesn't my doing such a thing endorse those acts?

First of all, the answer is "no". No, linking to those stories does not endorse them. In fact, the story I linked to is one of those amazing moments when even the AP newsfeeds make a statement about the nature of man which makes such a fabulous point which agrees with the bible that one hardly needs to comment at all.

Think about this for a second: this fellow, who is a CEO, apparently dropped $241,000 at Scores -- which, for those of you who do not know, is a "top-shelf" strip club in NYC. Mind you: he didn't pay $241,000 to strip -- he paid it to be attended by strippers.

$241,000. And in the end, he expected that they maintain some kind of standard accounting practice with regard to how they charged him for their services.

That's the sin nature, folks: the ability to think that someone who is doing one kind of moral misdeed is not either capable of or likely to do another kind of moral disdeed. And if you cannot recognize it in others, you cannot recognize it in yourself. His problem, really, is not so much that he treated women like objects of lust (which is a pretty big problem, yes?) but that he expected them to like it and to honor his lust with some kind of ethical dignity.

I think this guy is only fooling himself -- just like Tom and Katie, by the way -- into thinking that anyone believes that he really knew what he was doing by spending $241,000 at a strip club.

$241,000. If he just wanted to toss that kind of money down a hole, I have a bank account he can wire the funds to next time.