[*] Defining terms

If you click through to this link, you'll find an interesting definition of the legal term "adult":
Planned Parenthood argued the girl, a high school senior, was legally an adult because she already has a child. “Clearly our definition is that she was a legal adult,” said Planned Parenthood’s director of marketing communications, Marta Coursey, according to an AP report. “We are really committed to making sure this young woman’s rights are protected.”
In this particular case, the girl in question was 17, and the part of me tat has other things to do today wants to say, "oh, move on. She's 17! That's close enough for governemnt work, cent."

But it is actually not close enough for government work. The legal definition of "adult", state by state, varies -- but it is age-specific. If we allow the law to determine, for example, that anyone who has a child is a legal adult, we are opening up a wicked can of snake nuts. Should a 12-year-old with a child be considered an adult -- thereby getting the right to vote, the priviledge of buying alcohol, the priviledge to drive?

It sounds a lot more to me like the murderous loons at Planned Parenthood are trying to slip one by on a sleepy judge in Minnesota.

FWIW, HT to JR at RightFaith, and we hope his test results are better than government work.