[?] ... and THIS is actually the new template

Those of you viewing from 1027x768 don't see much of a difference -- the center column is a little narrower. The rest of you lost the scrambled eggs to the right and the content should all be centered up. The really big irony of this upgrade is how simple the solution was. Loki Odinson might be interested in my work-around, so if you're reading to day, Loki, e-mail me and I'll dish on the geeky details of how to make this work.

Those of you viewing in IE will see some problems with the boxes around the Shopping Cart items -- I'm working on that. Screenshots of that problem aren't helping.

My Doctor is waiting for the MRI results for those of you with invasive curiousity. You'll notice I didn't blog much over the last 4 days as I was the victim of Codeine, and the cure was much worse than the disease. The upside of the codeine was that I could sleep uninterrupted; the downside was that being awake was like living through vicious drug withdrawal what with the room spinning and the freight train sounding in my ears and my flesh and eyes feeling like they were on fire. And let's not mention the rumbly in my tumbly. Codeine? No thank you -- I'd rather die.