[?] It's Christmas. Have a present.

Some of you may have noticed that the headline spacing on the blog has changed, and it doesn't quite look right. The reason is that you are improperly fonted.

Let me introduce you to my little friend Nate Piekos at Blambot.com. (you are not linked to the front page for a reason) Going forward, you will need to have the following fonts installed on your computer to get the full effect of the blog:

Nate at Blambot has asked me to direct you to his main fonts page rather than to individual fonts because, well, that's how he gets you to buy the non-free fonts. That's pretty fair, right? Here are the names of the fonts you need:

Feast of Flesh
Mouth Breather
Sgt 6-pack

For those who need to know, the license for these fonts is here.

I know: I'm a demanding slob. Don't hate me because my blog is beautiful.