[?] Update, etc.

Contrary to the evidence of meta in the previous entry, this is not Greg Welty's blog. He's much smarter than I am; I am much funnier than he is. Although I have heard that he is dashingly windsome, and in that it is easy to confuse us. For the alert readers of the blog, Welty's shekinah is more like the telepathic brain waves from Aquaman in the original "SuperFriends" cartoon, or the brainwaves you see rolling off the head of Professor X here to the right; my shekinah is much more 60's retro. Welty is also unable to do the eyebrow thing.

Yes, the shopping cart to the left has been updated. You can actually tell where one items ends and the next begins. Isn't it fascinating? And if you click on these items, you can actually buy them -- no need to go be frustrated at your local Christian bookstore which will not have them on the shelf. Buy it here, have it delivered to your door, and then read. It's like McDonald's drive thru for decent, popular-level theological reading.

The blog template has updated as well, most notably in the right sidebar. Links have their own special buttony flavor now, and once you click through they look like normal text. It's not fool-proof, but I think it is better than the ugly yellow thing we had going on.

Some of you may have noticed a new gravatar in the comments. It's the clown head. It's not a function of nefarious identity theft: it's editorial priviledge. If you're going to come to my blog and say things which you will not defend, expect to be tagged a clown. Everyone is encouraged to say whatever it is they have the audacity to say in the meta -- just don't pretend like you didn't say it or that you can walk away from what you have said as if you are not accountable for your actions. Clowns get clowned. There is no method of appeal. Live it.

Yes, and I have this new "ITEM" bullet which I am using for these update posts. I am sure it will evolve as I have time to look at it for a week or so and see if I like it. Post your complaints here so I can see what the people who read this blog think.