[#] Welty

The name itself should strike fear into any fool who dares to think he has said something about a topic regarding the Baptist theological system and the Reformed faith which cannot be dispted.

Greg Welty. He's like the Baptist Commander Data -- he's can cite the bibliography of his opinion in detail and then fight hand-to-hand with Ecumenical Klingons and constantly-adapting Finnean Borg without batting an eye.

And who knew he has an on-line paper summarizing the credobaptist argument against covenant baptism of infants which we could have been reading instead of listening to me drone on about "Doug Wilson said this" and "Doug Wilson said that" and "Presbyterian this" and "Auburn Avenue that".

Go read that paper. If you have any questions afterwards, it's because you weren't listening the first time. Props to Greg: he's the most tenacious advocate of Reformed Baptist theology I have ever witnessed.