[#] Oh Man: Christmas early!

HT: Freddie at Hip and Thigh

We will be spending 2006, amidst things like talking more about Baptism than is reasonable and necessary and reviewing books both good and bad, deconstructing the categorically stupid thesis behind the web site at this link.

Let's think about something for a minute: let's imagine that you're at an airport and you're standing next to a guy who has a suitcase that looks exactly like yours. You know what's in your suitcase -- a Bible, clean undies, toiletries, other clothes, maybe some other books and things you'll need at your destination. You check you bag; he checks his bag, and you don't think anything about it.

You get to your destination, and you're at the baggage claim, and suddenly your cell phone rings. Yes honey -- I got here fine. Yes. Hi buddy! Be good! High sweety! Yes, I will -- be good! Ok. OK -- Call you before I get on the plane tomorrow.

You look down and pick up your bag, and you get your rental and go to the hotel. You check in, go to your room, and when you open the suitcase you grabbed, it's not yours -- because it's empty, full of bricks. It weighs about as much as yours did, but it's clearly not yours. When you check the check tag, it is certainly not yours.

So you call the airlines and tell them what happened, and you hope they can find the other guy. Well, when they do, he says, "I don't know what that fella's talking about. Everything in this suitcase is mine. He must be mistaken."

What do you do? What we are going to do to undoJesus.org is what you do. Just watch me.