[?] Hey -- my Blog?

I was reading my archives today while the store was racking up a SWEET day in sales, and I started wondering to myself: this was once a somewhat-serious blog. I blogged Mark Driscoll -- and some Emergents actually linked to my blog because they thought is was interesting.

I blogged the monkey off of Tony Campolo. And the Baptism stuff? It was top-shelf (for popular genre writing). Somehow I have passed over from "someone who is a worth reading" to "the guy who makes t-shirts up to wrankle his critics."

What happened to me? How did my blog fall so far? You know who I blame? I blame Pecadillo. he's not around to hold down his end of the curve anymore, and I get bored when there's no big laughs in the blogosphere. And I blame his Dad for encouraging me.

Cubby warned me there would be a time when it turns out I'm not blogging anymore -- I'm just feeding the fans. I can't believe it happened before the first anniversary.