[?] Since you asked...

I'm cleaning up e-mails, and since they fall into a couple of clear buckets, I'll just blog 'em and hit everyone who cares at once.

What the Doctor said

It's not a tumor, and it's not viral menengitis. He says it's probably not the flu, and because he doesn't read my blog, he ruled out psychotic episode. It's probably a headache. So he has me on Celebrex and a muscle relaxant. I can tell you after 7 hours on both, the muscle relaxer is better than nothing, and the Celebrex is not as good as Aspirin for whatever is ailing me.

I got home from the Doc at 3 PM, slept until 4:30 when Phil called to make sure I wasn't dead, took the Celebrex with a meal like I'm supposed to, waited two hours with a cold pack on my head (which, btw, has been the best relief I've had from these headaches; if I could wear a cold pack on my head at work, I'd do it), then took the relaxer and slept until about 10 minutes ago. For those who are invasively-curious, it's 2 AM my time as I type.

UPDATED, 8 AM: Well, I went back to sleep at 4 AM, got up at 6:30 and came to work. Apparently the toxic cocktail of Celebrex and Skelaxin gave this headache the business, and it is now a dull ache in the back of my head. Annoying, but not like yesterday where I couldn't keep my eyes open for the pain. Nice Work, Pfizer and King Pharmaceuticals.

Template Update

All you complainers about red-on-red now have yellow-on-white to contend with in the sidebar, and when I figure out how to fix that I'm not going to just to make you squint. I like the gray-on-white and may not do anything about it.

Cubby Martinez

So unless I say something about baptism or iMonk, you people have no questions about things like "who is Cubby Martinez?" You're like people who watch the Price is Right -- you don't really care that those girls keep changing and getting younger, and you don't ask any questions about what happened to the "old" girls. It's just something to watch, and isn't that Bob Barker a nice old man for telling us to spay and neiter our pets? Why does he care if my dog gets fixed broken? You white people are all alike ...

What about iMonk?

Yeah, what about him? I've said my peace; I don't have a 67th reiteration of my complaint. Those people angry with me for saying my peace have yet to tell me why -- except to say that I'm mean for doing what I did. Hey: I'm mean. End of story. Mean as a snake. And for those who are invasively curious, my e-mail on the subject has run 4:1 in favor of what I said here over and over and over again, with only one person willing to engage my argument via e-mail, and we have agreed that that conversation is private for reasons which are, frankly, private.

So in order to change the subject, alert reader Gene Bridges emailed me the following link since it relates directly to the on-going discussion of baptism we have been having at the blog:

SBC IMB proposed baptism guidelines @ SBC Outpost

More detail on the guidelines here

You read that and think about it, and after I get done designing some t-shirts to ridicule some more people who have annoyed me this week (I know, I know -- very hard-hearted), I'll come back, cull the comments on those links, and tell you what I think -- as if it should matter to you what I think.