This has been bothering me for quite a while, but I am just now getting to blogging it. And it's hardly pressing stuff, but it's what I'd call an unsolved mystery.

Here's a Google Analytics snapshot of the traffic to my blog:

Lots of traffic from Seattle, lots of traffic from what appears to be the Twin Cities, GTY is obviously not watchng what people do during work hours so there's lots of hits from SoCal. Yeah, so what, right? "So what" is that it seems nobody west of the pan handle of Oklahoma, East of California, or south of the Canadian border (see the graphic for what I'm saying here -- don't ask for GPS coordinates) is reading my blog.

Now, I thought it was me and that somehow I had alienated the Cornhuskers and the Jayhawks and the Mormons and whatever, but here's the TeamPyro snapshot:

Nearly identical. Sure: the Pyro map reflects about 10 times the traffic my site gets, and there's obviously not the appeal to the Seattle crowd or the forward-thinking Baptists in Minnesota, but look at that bizarre "no readers" zone. Do these people not have the internet? Are they Pelagians or Catholics or something? How's it work out that nobody in the Great Plains reads blogs?

I'm hoping the subject line will cause some controversy and they'll start visiting. Wish me luck, and Garretson, SD, population 1165? sa-LOOT!