For the record ...

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2007 23:31:08 -0800 (PST)
From: "Frank Turk" {-no spam-}
Subject:Re: 'Secret Fan Mail from your Blog' [from D. Armstrong]
To: "Dave Armstrong" {} {please spam}
CC: {James White}


In case you haven't noticed, I cc'd James with this e-mail for the sake of saving myself a step.

I think a chat-channel debate is untennable for a couple of reasons, (like format, and the matter of moderation [meaning that the kind of moderation possible in live debate is hampered by the limits of IRC]) but the main reason I think Dr. White should not debate you on any topic is that you're not a reliable person. That is, you're not a person with a reputation that inspires confidence.

There are hundreds of people who are a lot more reliable than you with whom James could debate this subject -- and make a far greater impact. Debating you in any forum would be like debating that Wilkin fellow again -- a serious step backward.

Feel free to publish this note on your blog and call me names for it. It will only prove my point.

Thanks for asking.

in Christ,