Synergy: our friend

While I am usually loathe to do so, I am linking to this post about war protestors at Michelle Malkin (because Malkin doesn't need my links). The reason I do it is that the post says (in quoting another blogger), "I haven't seen anyone pointing this out yet. [the moonbat liberals are] brainwashing the next generation of troop-haters".

The statement is accompanied by a picture of a small child in the crowd, which, I guess, is Q.E.D.

Anyway that statement had a haunting familiarity to it, so I picked through the mental rolodex and remembered this post by Doug Wilson in response to Richard ("Hack") Dawkins about Christians and their children. Dawkins' theory is that it would be right to take children away from parents who are Christians if those parents were (a-hem) hell-bent to baptize or catechize the little nippers. Which, of course, is fighting words to Pastor Wilson because we baptize our children to bring them into the covenant community -- and I'd agree with the conclusion DW makes even if my children will be baptized as believers when they come to faith in Christ.

MY POINT, in case you thought I didn't have one, is this: Does anyone see any congruity between the accusation that the moonbats are "brainwashing" their kids and Dawkins' view that Christians are "indoctrinating" their kids? Does it scare anyone that somehow the hyperbole of child abuse is being thrown around by people who ought not to agree about something like that -- one side being "God Bloggers" and the other being "Naturalistic Atheists"?

It bothers me.