I am certain this isn;t what you think it is. I just read this essay by a professor of hellenistic history about the movie "300". Let's start here: I haven't seen the movie, and it's unlikely I will see it prior to its release on video. Unless my "guys" at church want to go see it and we get a men's night out like we did to go see "King Kong", I'll prolly watch it some weekend when my wife takes the kids to Mimi's house and I can watch movies that they are not allowed to watch.

So I haven't seen it, OK?

But here's my problem: it's a movie based on a comic book, and the comic book is based loosely on history.

If I had to guess, it's not any more or less loose on history than Troy or Alexander were. But you know: it's a movie based on a comic book.

So the hermeneutic we have to apply to this movie is, "I need a really big bucket of popcorn and the large Coke," not "I wonder if I can write a doctoral thesis about the Spartan socio-economic system based on this movie by Frank Miller, who's greatest claims to fame prior to this is a soft-core porn comic and the modern reinvention of Batman?"

Movie. Based on a Comic Book.

Please resume your lunch.