Video killed the radio star

I was reading this about Mark Driscoll (which is by Mark Driscoll), and here's the thing: video campus?

Listen: I think it's a sham when people read blogs or listen to the radio or watch (A-HEM) TBN in place of actually belonging to a local church. Your TV isn't a substitute for a local pastor and/or elders and a local church. Period.

But what's up with these pastors who think that if the TV is a Jumbotron and it belongs to the church they have somehow "planted a church"? Yeah, I know there's more to it, but what ever happened to raising up dsciples who are Godly men to staff these churches and let them preach and teach? The problem, if I may be so bold in speaking directly to Pastor Mark, is that somehow men think they are important enough that the work cannot go on without them.

The work could go on without the Apostle Paul: it can go on without you.

Just put some gargoyles up in the front, dudes, because you have found a way to beat out the medieval Catholics for missing the point and going "high church" without going all sacralist. Your sermons are not that good -- no matter who you are.

UPDATED: Before it is even posted, even. Pirate at BHT makes essentially the same point I do here, which scares me. Or maybe it should scare him. Or somebody.

Double-Secret Update: go to, and download the 3/20/2007 Dividing Line, and listen to the show beginning around 00:47:00 to get exactly what I'm talking about. Big Amen.