[%] A Continuing Embarassment

I'd like to say to the good citizens of Dover, if there is a disaster in your area, don't turn to God. You just rejected him from your city, and don't wonder why he hasn't helped you when problems begin, if they begin, and I'm not saying they will. But if they do, just remember you just voted God out of your city. And if that's the case, then don't ask for his help, because he might not be there.
Now let me ask you: did even Jonah represent God's wrath in such a way to the Ninevites he hated? How about Jeremiah as he told Israel that it had again brought God's wrath upon itself? In fact, where in the Bible anywhere did anyone speaking for God ever say, "Well, if bad things start happening to you, don't turn to God for help because you don't care about God so God doesn't care about you"?

See: I can't find that version of evangelism anywhere. But apparently that's what passes for evangelism -- or perhaps speaking the truth in love -- over at the 700 Club when Pat Robertson takes the mike. There are a couple of other accounts of this disgrace, like here and here.

Very frankly, I consider myself an enemy of evolution and a friend of intelligent design -- for a variety of reasons. The problem here is not that Robertson thinks that evolution is a godless choice: it is. Unequivocally, evolution is the explanation that God really had nothing to do with the appearance of man on the earth. The question is whether or not people who choose to advance this theory have been called and are being called to repentence.

Axwell Tiberius, Famous Genius & Hero
It is a disgrace to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for Pat Robertson to call himself a disciple of Jesus Christ but to portray his dismay at people who reject God's sovereignty and ontological priority over creation as God being unwilling to allow those making this grave mistake to repent and turn to Him.

What is even more insulting to anyone reading is Robertson's passive-aggressive "I'm not saying anything bad is going to happen" dodge. Listen, Robertson: if you think God will judge, then say so -- but remember that whenever God has drawn the line in the sand, God has also said, "repent or else", not "you're stuck now: don't come running to me when the black stuff starts falling from the sky or the frogs crawl up out of the Nile." God isn't shaking anybody down for their obedience. God is not a protection racketeer, warning "I'm not saying that anything bad is going to happen, but what are you going to do if all of a sudden your windows get broken or you wind up with a broken leg?"

I think Robertson needs to get someone to hold him accountable for his tongue. If he ever did any good for the Christian community -- and that is completely debatable -- he is destroying it now with his rantings and careless ravings over current events.